Swedish Massage - Kneading and lengthening the muscles to increase              circulation and relieve tension and pain. 

 Deep Tissue Massage - Added pressure to diminish knots and deep              adhesions that cause pain and restrictions in the body.   

Cranial Sacral Therapy  - A very light touch used  to promote healing by               correcting the strain patterns within the body.

Pregnancy Massage -  Pregnant women can have their aches and pains               smoothed out bringing both comfort and health to their body and also               to their baby. (After first trimester)

Healing Touch - A light touch which encourages the body's own energy to            move more evenly.  This envelops the physical, mental and  emotional            components of the energy in the body.

Aroma Therapy - By using natural essential oils the body can benefit from             their properties.  Whether it's relaxation or blood stimulation in a sore            area, these oils can be used in many different ways to enhance your            massage experience.
Throughout your massage your body's muscles and energy will be addressed to meet your personal needs.  Diane's knowledge will combine the appropriate techniques to give you relief and clear your mind.

Stress has a cumulative effect on our bodies. Studies have shown that by receiving massage on a regular basis we can reduce our stress and live healthier lives. So, allow yourself the time to take care of yourself, bring your life back into balance and have a balanced body.

Hours: By Appointment Only. Please call 203-877-3091


30 Minutes   $45

60 Minutes   $80

75 Minutes   $100

90 Minutes   $115